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The Cereal Collective

Lambik and geuze have helped to shape the identity of our region. It is as simple as that. Naturally, the traditional cereals from old-Brabant should be part of that story. But that’s easier said than done, because the orginal landraces have now been completely wiped out by industrial agriculture. In order to revive them, farmers and brewers joined forces.

It was in a spur of the moment, in the summer of 2017, that Armand Debelder cursed under his breath and banged his fist on the table. "We must go and find our brewing cereals in our own backyard! The Little redhead from Brabant, that's the wheat we're after."

He was right. But where to start, when those old breeds have long since disappeared from the fields? A strong collective was due. Because in this story, everything is connected. The farmers, the brewers and lambik aficionados all make up our lambik culture.


The Cereal Collective aims to restore the local bond between farmer and brewer, between grain and geuze, between the land and its inhabitants. Because a terroir is really more than a basket of regional products. A terroir is history, community, culture and economy, all in one.